itineraries-1Do you want………

…… transport
…… a ride on a train
…… a day out or something to do
…… to understand more

The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway (KWVR) can do all of these for you, what it does depends on what you want.

If you need to get somewhere, it is a remarkably useful means of transport; if you just want a ride on a train, then look no further!

If you want a complete day out, or just something to fill an hour or two, the Railway and its surroundings have the potential for a memorable day, filled with history, literature, walking, travel for its own sake involving trains, buses and walking.

itineraries-2Or if you want to understand more about the area and where it is (you can’t do one without the other) then by using this website you will see there are many opportunities to turn something and somewhere that most visitors take for granted, into a really rewarding visit that can last a short while, or that could be a short break in a stunningly beautiful place.

It’s up to you …………………………!



The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway links the town of Keighley with its suburbs of Ingrow and Damems and in turn with the villages of Oakworth, Haworth and Oxenhope. The Railway is part of an intricate network of transport which criss-crosses the line and connects with its trains. As such its potential for use as part of the local transport system is immense.


A Ride on a Train

Lots of people come to the KWVR simply to experience a ride on a train; they want nothing more and are happy to get on, have a ride and then get off. Here we consider what the Railway has to offer in terms of a pure ride on a train.

Most trains are steam hauled but there are diesel services, all using railcars, multiple units or locomotives that are at least half a century old and very interesting in their own right. In fact some of our diesel fleet are just about as old as the newest of our steam locomotives. All the coaches are at least fifty years old and many date back to the 19th century yet are still in regular use.


A Day Out or Something to Do

By train ....
If you are coming to the KWVR for a day out, do consider coming all the way by train. It is very easy, the main line fares in West Yorkshire are incredibly reasonably priced with lots of discount offers and it makes the whole day an adventure, rather than driving to the KWVR and then having a ride.

By car or ‘bus ....
If you are coming by ‘bus from Calderdale or the Manchester direction, use the 500 service from Hebden Bridge which will drop you opposite Oxenhope Railway station
If you are driving, use the car parks at Ingrow or Oxenhope which are both free, large and not usually busy. There are car parks at Keighley, Oakworth and Haworth but they are all usually busy and the one at Haworth attracts a small fee and we discourage their use if possible.


To Understand More

Many people who visit the KWVR just look, they don’t even take a ride on a train. Although everyone is welcome, the Railway would like everyone to buy a ticket at least! But others want to learn from their visit. Sometimes, but very much in a minority, our visitors are Railway Enthusiasts, whilst others who want to learn are interested in the many films that have been made at the Railway, particularly and inevitably, the ‘Railway Children’. Some people are interested in the area’s history and Brontë connections whilst others have no particular or specific interest, but are keen to learn about the Railway and its topography for its own sake.

We are happy to cater to them all and do. In this section, we consider how, be you a culture vulture or a rivet counter you can get the best from a visit to the KWVR.


Food & Drink

During your visit to the Worth Valley you will need to stop and have some refreshments and you really will be spoiled for choice. There are lots of welcoming pubs, comfortable cafes and award winning restaurants in Haworth, Keighley and Brontë Country.

For something special make a booking on one of the Pullman traditional English afternoon tea trains. Something less formal, the Haworth Haddock runs on selected Saturdays in the Spring and Summer months, where, on board, you will be served traditional Yorkshire Fish & Chips and have the opportunity to sample the day's real-ale offering from the on-board bar.


Relive 'The Railway Children'

Step back in time and relive the famous story of The Railway Children, the iconic and much loved film of the early 1970s.

The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and the surrounding towns and villages were used extensively in the 1970 film The Railway Children and several of the railway’s steam locomotives also featured. The Museum of Rail Travel, located at Ingrow West, is home to five of the carriages which were used in the film. Make sure you get off the train and explore by foot one of two Railway Children Walks.


Walking & Cycling

The rugged and beautiful Pennine countryside that surrounds the Worth Valley is just waiting to be explored whether you walk or cycle. There are a number of short walks starting from Haworth and the surrounding Worth Valley villages. You can take your time to explore the network of quiet country roads and paths, windswept moors and peaceful woodland which make the Worth Valley one of West Yorkshire’s most special places to walk.

Try the Ramble through Brontë Country that takes you right through the heart of the area.